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Rad Store, courtesy of Ryan Nix

If you walked past 29-year-old Callan Lynch on the street, he’d forgive you for staring. Covered in a generous ink-coat of quirky, colourful and romantic tattoos and dressed forever classically in slight variations of nude chinos with white tees - usually with a cigarette hanging out one side of his mouth - Lynch looks more like a designer biker than your typical successful business owner.

Actually, Lynch is one half of the reason Rad Store on Darby St is flourishing today. Together with creative designer and best friend Justin ‘Pugga’ Lees, the two provide a chic and inspired fashion hotspot on Darby St for Novocastrians of any age, who want to enjoy a classic, timeless style teamed with some innovative designs and a high quality makes.

Described as a combination of “a little bit of skate, a little bit of street, a little bit of boutique mixed through with a whole lot of style, culture, art and conceptual idea”, the store is a far cry from your typical brand-ridden, over-stocked retail shop. Rad provides a meticulous selection of mod fashion and footwear for both women and men, as well as a collection of vintage snapbacks, records, books, magazines and accessories.

Having recently packed up and moved into the shop which was formerly Overt, Lees and Lynch are now expanding Rad’s inspired collection to include such highly sought-after brands as American Apparel, Nudie, Obey and Uppercut, as well as handpicked stock from well-established labels like Insight, Stussy and Vans.

Rad has a very loyal following of well-dressed, tattooed thugs and glamours in Newcastle and relationships with brands such as Sabre sunglasses, both of which leave the store feeling welcoming and casual. You’ll spot a selection of Rad’s street crew hanging out with Callan and Justin at the Darby St Fair taking place in the coming weeks, with some cool giveaways in tow and The Beach Boys blaring in the background.

Be sure to pop in next time you’re wandering up Darby St for a chat and a browse – especially across the long weekend, as Rad are hosting a mega long-weekend sale. Insider tip: you may score a discount if you bring an extra coffee along!

Emma is a bright-eyed, bushy-tailed 1st year student, undertaking a Bachelor of Communication (majoring in Industry Waffle/Strategic Argument Implementation) at The University of Newcastle. Her interests include critiquing everything, relentlessly blogging about insignificant happenings and drawing poorly. When she grows up, she wants to be Oprah.

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The owners of RAD are rude and pretentious. If you walk in there and are not one of their friends they treat you like s**t… It’s a shame as they stock some great stuff.. I’ll buy a pack of fake tattoos and then hopefully I’ll be welcomed with open arms


Sounds like the place to be this weekend! Great article Em 🙂

I am a female senior with no tattoos and have been going to Darby Street for the past 30 years! I have frequently walked in the store in its previous and now new location. I have been greeted with respect and astonishing enthusiasm and I have always been inspired by their connoisseur presence. Darby Street will certainly flourish with their presence and I have no desire to get tattos. Well done boys with you new store! Congratulation on your article Emma.


Great Article Emma!
With the new perspective of the store that can only contribute to a refreshed outlook for the stale darby st. Can’t wait to get in there!


Neil you mad?


Went to buy a watch their once, guy told me he didn’t know anything about the watch cause he was hungover to pay attention when the rep was there, brilliant. Suits me, bought it for $250 cheaper on ebay brand new. Idiots.


Emma are you sure you’re reporting on the right shop? The guys at Rad are pretentious wankers with next to zero business or customer service skills. Wow what a honour to walk into your shop boys, I’m so impressed by how you’re too cool to acknowledge a customer. Idiots.

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