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Are you on top of what’s going on in Newcastle? Consider yourself a fashion fanatic, art aficionado, music buff or lover of the Novocastrian lifestyle? We’re looking for you!

Showcase your knowledge of what’s happening on the Newcastle scene by becoming an Urban Insider. Compile a map of all the best spots in your area of expertise, send us an article on what interests you in Newcastle or submit your photographs of the region.

What do Insiders get?

Do you have a blog or a website? By becoming an Urban Insider, you can not only get to show off your knowledge of Newcastle culture, but also drive traffic to your blog or website. All contributors are rewarded with a profile page contains a biography, photo and links to your website, blog and social media.

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We welcome suggestions for content. If you aren’t up for becoming part of the action but have a great story or map idea - let us know.

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Fancy yourself a future journo, PR queen or best-selling author? Urban Insider offers students an indispensable opportunity to develop writing skills for the real world and spruik to friends and future employers about their published work. Make sure that you’re a part of the development of this evolving online magazine by becoming an Urban Insider.

Are you a photographer?

Every day Urban Insider features photographs of Newcastle contributed by readers. If you’re a budding or established photographer - this is a fantastic opportunity to share your view of Newcastle, and get your work into the public sphere. Contribute photographs that you’ve taken in Newcastle by uploading them to Twitter (use the #urbaninsiderpic tag) or to our Facebook page.

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Information on this featured background image
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