A Water Babies Guide To The Beaches In Newcastle

Image Courtesy of Stephen WarkSummer may be predominant but all year round the beaches of Newcastle have some of the best scenic offerings country wide. Weather your a local or a tourist with an eye for adventure the beauty that Newcastle holds is not to be missed. Beaches line the East cost of Australia but take any Novocastrians advice, the serenity offered by those in Newcastle is a breath of fresh air from the busy beaches surrounding major east coast cities.

Achievable as a one day coast line drive or spread out over a summer, take the time to stop into the marvellous soft sands Newcastle has to offer. Grab a coffee, ice block of even some hot chips from the local kiosk and pull up a towel, if your lucky enough to catch a sunset it’ll make your day.


Nobby's Beach

Nobby's Road Newcastle East, NSW 2300

Possibly Newcastle's highest profile beach, a favoured spot for locals and surfing beginners. Stunning views, and Nobby's lighthouse just a short walk away. Famously known as the beach the Pasha Bulker ran aground on during the 2007 storms. One beach you don't want to miss when in Newcastle!

-32.924159 151.793105

The Bogey Hole

Shortland Esplanade Newcastle NSW 2300

A piece of Newcastle history! This stunning scenery was carved out by convicts in the early 19th century. Today it offers swimmers a more private bathing spot within the city. A great place to go adventuring in the rock pools, you never know what you'll find!

-32.935136 151.781647

Dixon Park Beach

Ocean Street Merewether, NSW 2291

Popular surf spot for locals, and great swimming beach. Situated backing onto Dixon Park, this beach has it all. Pack a picnic lunch and make the most of the scenery, free electric BBQ's and kid's park near by, while you see what Newcastle's surfer's have to offer.

-32.945274 151.761294

Redhead Beach

Beach Road Redhead, NSW 2290

A little further south Redhead beach is quieter than the likes of those nearer the CBD. Another surfing spot, that boasts some of the softest sand in Newcastle. The old shark tower still standing draws photography attention and during sun rise and sun set makes for a great place to take a time out.

-33.014907 151.719107

Bar Beach

Memorial Drive The Hill, NSW 2300

Possible one of Newcastle's most renown beaches. Attracting local's and tourists alike the scenery is not to be missed. Park up on the hill and stroll down the path to the water. Newcastle skate park is just over the road and a popular hangout with the local skaters. Pull up a towel and indulge in what Bar Beach is famously known for.

-32.941898 151.76712

Susan Gilmore

Memorial Drive The Hill, NSW 2300

Situated on the higher end of the Bar Beach car park, Susan Gilmore is one of the more private beaches of Newcastle. Virtually hidden from the road, it gives visitors a more serene spot to hang out. With Majority of locals scaling the cliff and trekking down the beaten bush bath to get the the sand. If your after a quiet beach to relax and zone out this is the perfect spot.

-32.939764 151.770993

Newcastle Beach

Shortland Esplanade Newcastle NSW 2300

Boasting a reputation for being one of the best surf locations in Newcastle, courtesy of the breaks at Newcastle Point. Located in the heart of Newcastle and the middle of the Bather's Way track, it's a quick stroll to cafe dining hot spots. Round up some friends and give the volley ball courts a go, and when your done venture through the historic Time Tunnel Mural which provides traffic free access to the top end of Hunter Street.

-32.930003 151.786657

Mereweather Beach

Henderson Parade Merewether, NSW 2291

Merewether Beach, a nominated national surfing reserve has always attracted a crowd. Recent renovations to surrounding buildings such as the Surf House as seen it's popularity soar! As family friendly beach it's perfect for a day soaking up the sun or a afternoon coffee with friends. Take in the view and even stroll along part of the Bather's Way track.

-32.948702 151.75712

Merewether Ocean Bath's

Henderson Parade Merewether, NSW 2291

Open all year round, the bath's have a long history as a popular swimming spot. Safely enclosed from direct ocean swells the baths offer visitors the ocean swim they desire with peace of mind. A popular spot for parents with young children and those up for a few early morning laps.

-32.947138 151.758794

Horse Shoe Beach

Horseshoe Bend Road Newcastle East, NSW 2300

Located alongside the protection of Newcastle break wall it too boasts the views of Nobby's lighthouse. As Newcastle's only leash free beach its a puppy haven and popular spot all year round for pet owners. With the adjacent rock wall being a popular fishing spot for locals.

-32.921646 151.792708

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Where is Stockton beach on the list?! Surely one of the best for families and general beach enthusiasts!


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