DEUS Pop-Up Store In The Junction

In collaboration with Sanbah, Deus Ex Machina have opened up a pop up store which has taken residence two doors up from Sanbah in the Junction Fair Shopping Centre.

Gathering art, motorcycles, surfboards, clothing and all things cool, the pop up store is sure to make a fair few locals very happy.

The label is a reflection of culture; clothes for musicians, surfers, motorcyclists and everyone else in between.

You can check out more about the DEUS brand here.

Don’t be lazy though, the store is only trading until January 27, 2013.


Cormack O'Connor is a fresh and exciting local teenage photographer who expresses what his life is like as an Australian male teen through his work. An award winning photographer (Ilford Digital National School Competition Years 7 - 8), Cormack is also a link in Canon's Hero Chain and is one to watch!

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