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Are you a band or artist who wants to get the word out about upcoming shows? Do you run a venue or boutique in Newcastle and want to announce future events, sales or deals?

Urban Insider is a unique online publication; it’s only for the bold. Our magazine targets the students, trendsetters and creatives of Newcastle. These people love to be the first to have a taste of what’s fresh on the Newcastle scene. Our content is concentrated on the key interests of this group: hot music, fresh fashion, inspiring art and buzzing lifestyle. If you want to assert your relevance to this bunch, you need to have your finger in the pie and on the pulse.

How could Urban Insider help spread my news?

You won’t find Urban Insider readers sitting at home reading the local paper on the weekend. They’re always out and about experiencing what Newcastle has to offer & you have to be more discerning in how you use media if you want to reach them. These switched on Novocastrians surf the internet and plug into social media to stay on top of what’s happening in their city. If your news is only released by means of traditional media they won’t find you. Urban Insider gives you a chance to generate a buzz, introduce your band, art, venue or retail outlet to Newcastle & announce your news to a savvy readership. Don’t miss this opportunity!

Send us your news

Who reads Urban Insider?

Urban Insider attracts a variety of Novocastrian trendsetters. This group includes:

  • Fashion buffs
  • Artists
  • Musicians
  • Cultural thought leaders
  • Creatives
  • Students

In addition to this group, Urban Insider also reaches new residents and visitors to Newcastle. These people are planning their stay in this city, or figuring out where to go once they’re here.

What sort of news should I send?

You have a chance to let us know what’s kicking in Newcastle. In the broadest sense, we welcome any news which is relevant to the Newcastle area and our readers. To be more specific:

  • Bands: When and where are your gigs, tours and album launches? Do you have any videos or images from previous gigs?
  • Venues: What events are you holding? Do you have any videos or images from previous events? What theatre companies are coming to town? Are you hosting a gig or a show?
  • Retailers and fashion boutiques: Do you have a sale coming up? Is your store opening or closing? Do you have any images of your store?
  • Fashion designers: What are latest fashion tips? Do you have any images or video of your latest fashion collection? Do you have a fashion show coming up? Have you won any awards?
  • Artists: When and where is your next exhibition? Do you have any images or video of you art or events? What is your latest artistic piece?
  • Restaurants and cafes: Do you have any special events or deals coming up? Do you have any images of previous events? Have you recently held a function? Do you hold private functions? What’s this week menu? Have you recruited the best chef? Have you won any awards?

Send us your news

Send us your news

(Can also email).

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