Carb on Carb At The Newcastle Croatian Club

Carb on Carb’s newest Ep Ladies Mile, available now, artwork by Nicole Gaffney

Sunday the 5th May marks the first time Newcastle will be graced with New Zealand’s newest punked up-and-comers Carb on Carb.

Originating in Wellington, but since relocating to Auckland, the duo of Nicole Gaffney (guitar and vocals) and James Stutely (drums and vocals) are embarking on their first tour of Australia since emerging from the ashes on their previous band Mammal Airlines.

“We’ve been functioning as Carb on Carb since mid-2011, picking up some songs Nicole had written over a few years,” explains James, “but we’ve only been a ‘real’ band since early 2012.”

The band’s first EP No Body Perfect is comprised of these songs, but the duo embarks on thus tour to support their fresh new release Ladies Mile.

“The new songs are truer to us as a duo”, continues James, “and we’re really excited to get to play them outside New Zealand. Plus touring for us is a holiday, you get to see really cool bands, meet cool people, make great friends, and see another country!”

After touring New Zealand relentlessly and performing a gut-punching set at New Zealand super-festival Camp A Low Hum at the beginning of the year, Carb on Carb has focussed their attention on the Australian tour, getting ready to make friends and meet cool people at Newcastles Croatian Club, arguably the home of the ‘underground’ Australian music in Newcastle the last few years.

The show kicks off at 2pm.

Carb on Carb will be supported by Sydney alt-rockers Unity Floors, cheeky solo artist Charles Buddy Daaboul (member of Sydney’s No Art), and Newcastle’s own Sadfaces (member of Sweet Teeth, Lenin Lennon and Bare Grillz) playing their first show.

Entry is $5. Lawn bowls, great music and a friendly atmosphere are assured!

Get a hold of both Carb on Carb’s EPs for free at

Evan is a recent Bachelor of Communications graduate from the University of Newcastle. He passes the time co-running an independent record label and jamming out punk music in a shed with his bros.

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