Glowify launches with range of glow in the dark directional lighting


Newcastle-based business Glowify launched recently as the leading distributor of quality, unique glow in the dark safety products and systems that can be used in a diverse range of applications.

Glowify’s Lumo range is the perfect choice in directional lighting solutions. These unique products Glowify’s products are made with cutting edge photoluminescent technology and can be recharged repeatedly from all lighting sources, such as sunlight or even internal lights. The stronger the source of light available to charge the units, the quicker they will fully charge. It can take as little as  5 – 30 minutes when exposed to a strong light source and then glow in the dark for over 14 hours.

The Lumo products are extremely environmentally friendly and fully recyclable. Its main ingredient is a polymer base. The unit can be reconstituted with an industrial shredder process then re-used into production of new polymer products. Once installed, Lumo units require no further energy, power supply, maintenance or have any emissions.

Also, the manufacturing process boasts minimal use of electrical energy in the moulding process at production.

Glowify’s Lumo provide guidance by glowing in the dark and make a great alternative or complement to lighting in the right locations in buildings, equipment, outdoor, and public spaces.

Glowify says the units have a large range of uses, such as:

  • Marine lighting on jetties, pontoons and perimeters of a vessel.
  • Highlight access to and the sides of wharves and jetties.
  • Use as backup egress illumination from maritime vessels in times of power outage/emergency.
  • Highlight paths, cycle ways, jogging tracks, boardwalks and other pedestrian traffic flow areas and public spaces.
  • Attach to walls, doors and entrance ways or even ropes and wires to draw attention to potential hazards or highlight the location of specific equipment.
  • Install in various buildings, parks, schools, education facilities, aged care facilities and local council managed areas.
  • Install above or, adjacent to, light switches, door handles, emergency isolation switches and valves.
  • Fix to walls using screws and washers above fire extinguishers, first aid cabinets and switch boards.
  • Industrial applications in mining, transport and logistics, construction and building.

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