How to relieve neck and back pain with stretch therapy

Before you reach for the aspirin to relieve your neck or back pain you might want to consider what is actually causing it. Most times neck or back pain is due to muscle tension and poor posture, and that’s where stretch therapy can help.

Stretch Therapy is a dynamic mode of stretching that can relieve muscular pain, improve posture, improve sporting performance and lead to a more mobile and pain-free existence.

Stretch therapy is used by many leading athletes to improve performance, recover from injuries and relieve neck and back pain. Newcastle’s leading stretch therapist is Sharon Clark who has worked with the Newcastle Knights, Newcastle Jets and other athletes.

The less athletic of us can also benefit. Desk-bound office workers often have neck and back pain from poor posture whilst staring at a computer for hours on end, or hours of driving can lead to lower back issues. Sharon says that these problems can be addressed and remedied with stretch therapy. She identifies the cause and works with clients to provide both early relief and long-term solutions via stretching exercise plans to do at home.

If you are tired of living with pain or feel you would like improve mobility and physical performance contact Sharon at Stretchrite.

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Phone: 0413 386 197



Clinics: 1 Beresford St, Newcastle West or 2 Dunn Ave, Edgeworth

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