Newcastle Art School: The Facts

Front room gallery, Newcastle art school

Front Room Gallery, Image courtesy of Newcastle Art School

You may have heard that the State Government will cease funding TAFE Fine Art courses across NSW as of January 2013. While this decision has substantial ramifications for the Newcastle Art School, TAFE, Hunter Institute (such as the closing of the Front Room Gallery), I would like to share the facts.

• The Newcastle Art School IS offering Fine Arts Courses in 2013 (enrolments are open now)

• There will be a 1 year Diploma course and a 1 year Advanced Diploma course

• Several Short Courses including Photography will continue to be offered throughout the year

• Art Access is a new initiative allowing individuals not enrolled in the full year courses the opportunity to access classes and studio equipment.

• Fee Help is available to offset the initial cost of enrolment fees for the Diploma and Advanced Diploma

This post is short and sweet just to let you know the situation; I will save my rant on the funding cuts for another time. Hopefully the government will reconsider its position to target an entire industry, after all….

There is no art without artists!


Laura Wilson is a teacher of Art History/ Theory and Professional Practice at the Newcastle Art School, TAFE, Hunter Institute. She is an artist, art enthusiast, and Newbie (20 years) Novocastrian. Originally from high in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado USA, this former skier has turned beach lover and triathlete. Her most recent art has been focussed on installations with an interest in modernity — modern society, modern materials, modern communication, and how technology is changing the world we live in. You can follow her on Twitter or drop into the Front Room Gallery, Newcastle Art School.

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