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Each week “The Grid” captures moments in a selected area of Newcastle & the Hunter region that they might not otherwise see or notice.

I go to this corner of the Newcastle CBD every week to meet friends and have good coffee.  I park in the same spot every Friday morning and sit at the same table at the same coffee shop.  This grid walk for me was an eye opener as I noticed things that I had walked past and hadn’t noticed before. Please click thumbnails below for full size images.

Doug Hall is a photographer and designer who specialises in portrait, wedding, commercial and fine art photography. In 2000, Doug discovered a passion for photography which has blossomed into a full time obsession. In 2008, at the encouragement of his girlfriend, Doug officially founded GlossyFX and in 2009 Doug turned to full-time photography and digital design. Doug has taken the leap of faith, believing in the personal direction of enjoying life - work & play. He has been invited to the Hunter Region School of Photography as a lecturer, where he now passes on his knowledge and passion for photography to new students.

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It is so great to see the beauty you see in an everyday (well once a week) experience. Can’t help thinking about the number of times I go for my coffee ritual glued to the screen of my Blackberry, makes me wonder what I’ve been missing. I can’t wait to come to Newcastle, put the Blackberry away and enjoy some of the colourful places you’ve captured. Thank you for the reminder of the simple beauty of life.

Helen Flynn

I love that particular area - which has some of the most beautiful buildings in the city. I love the sign that has been revealed by the demolition of the old Tattersalls…

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