Newcastle’s Jacko: Simply Au-sum

Jackson Miller (image courtesy of Rosie’s School of Rock)

Which musician wouldn’t like to have their original music on the charts? What about if that musician was 12 years old. Impressed? What if that 12 year-old was also on the Autism Spectrum?

Enter stage left: Jackson “Jacko” Miller. Jacko’s composition ‘Spunk’ is currently #5 on the Triple J Unearthed Electronic Charts.

The Novocastrian is a student of Rosie’s School of Rock’s AU:SUM program (designed to assist kids on the Autism Spectrum). Jacko seems destined for great things. As big as he is loud, Jacko has a heart of gold and his outgoing and gentle demeanour see Jacko endearing himself to anyone that comes into his orbit.

Only a few months ago Jacko charmed Channel 9′s Mornings presenter David Campbell when the program came to do a feature on the AU:SUM program (‘AU’ from Autism and ‘Sum’, meaning to bring together). Jacko loves the camera and the camera loves Jacko.

Jacko attends Rosie’s School of Rock a performance Music School in Newcastle, who provide singing lessons, guitar lessons, bass lessons, piano lessons and drum lessons.

Jacko has started to develop somewhat of a cult following among pundits in the music industry, his track ‘ROFL’ has over 550 plays on Soundcloud, and a Los Angeles-based music producer has been looking at reworking some of his fresh beats.

Recently, XZST Gaming have used ‘ROFL‘ on the final credits of their YouTube channels clips and British DJ Ryan Munden has uploaded Jackson’s song ‘Spunk‘ onto his YouTube channel and posted it on his Facebook page.

And what does Miller have to say about all this?

“Oh my God, I’m so shocked at the attention I’m getting. I’m only young and yet getting no.5 on the Triple J Unearthed Electronic Chart. Well, that truly is awesome!” Miller said.

Jackson Miller is available for interviews at Rosie’s School of Rock .

For more information contact Craig “ Rosie” Rosevear ph: 0425 342 182 or email:


Alex has recently completed a Bachelor of Communication at The University of Newcastle, majoring in media production. His likes include every aspect of film and music. His fears include repetition and monotony. With this being the first time he has written about himself in third person, he has successfully avoided those fears.

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