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Are you a Newcastle business operating in the fashion, music, food, events or lifestyle industries?

There is a definite lack of focused, niche media in the Newcastle region. This means that there are very few opportunities for fashion, food and lifestyle businesses to reach young, cultured Novocastrians. In today’s world of over-saturated promotional strategy, you need to break from the pack in order to generate brand awareness. If you want to assert your brand’s image and authority, you need to rise above the clutter of traditional advertising and media.

Urban Insider is a unique online publication; it’s only for the bold. Our magazine targets the students, trendsetters and creatives of Newcastle. These people love to be the first to have a taste of what’s fresh on the Newcastle scene. Our content is concentrated on the key interests of this group:  hot music, fresh fashion, inspiring art and buzzing lifestyle. If you want to assert your relevance to this bunch, you need to have your finger in the pie and on the pulse.

You won’t find Urban Insider readers sitting at home reading the local paper on the weekend. They’re always out and about experiencing what Newcastle has to offer & you have to be more discerning in how you use media if you want to reach them. These switched on Novocastrians surf the internet and plug into social media to stay on top of what experiences are available in their city. If your business is only advertising via traditional media, there’s every chance they won’t find you. Urban Insider gives you a chance to generate a buzz & be recognised by a savvy readership. Don’t miss an opportunity to extend the exposure of your business to this group.

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Who reads Urban Insider?

Urban Insider attracts a variety of Novocastrian trendsetters. This group includes:

  • Fashion buffs
  • Artists
  • Musicians
  • Cultural thought leaders
  • Creatives
  • Students

In addition to this group, Urban Insider also reaches new residents and visitors to Newcastle. These people are planning their stay in this city, or figuring out where to go once they’re here. You don’t want new Novocastrians and tourists to miss out on what you have to offer.

Who is Urban Insider looking for?

Urban Insider readers make outside-the-square, exciting experiences a priority in their lives. The hot spots of Newcastle are populated by Urban Insiders. They love hanging out at new cafes and tasting their way through Newcastle’s restaurant scene. Urban Insider readers can often be seen music gigs, art exhibitions and other social and cultural events. They’re the most fashionable of Novocastrians and like to keep trends in mind, even if they don’t always follow them. Does your business fit into the lives of Urban Insider readers?

We’re calling for local businesses which are a regular part of the lives of Urban Insider readers. Newcastle restaurants, cafes, fashion outlets and lifestyle focused businesses would all benefit from collaborating with Urban Insider.

What do you mean “collaborating”?

These partnerships are unique by nature and can be tailored to your specific business objectives. You may want to:

  • let Urban Insider readers know about future sales or events
  • regularly contribute to the site, offering information on your area of expertise
  • let Urban Insider readers know about anything different your business is doing at the moment
  • be interviewed by an Urban Insider
  • offer a special deal to Urban Insider readers
  • or something different to the above.

Contact us so that we can have a chat about the best way to work together.

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Information on this featured background image
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