Photographing Hamilton Food, Wine & Music Festival

Photos of Hamilton Food, Wine & Music Festival

Beaumont St in Hamilton has always been a hub for food and music in Newcastle - plenty of restaurants, cafes and pubs squeeze their way into the one spot. On Sunday the 18th though, things kicked into overdrive as it played host to the annual Hamilton Food, Wine & Music Festival. Stalls filled the street, cafes and restaurants expanded out from their confines and plenty of punters were in attendance to get a good feed and some entertainment. There were a variety of performances on display, from a rock & roll band right through to Newcastle’s own Ukestra. With the weather finally being somewhat Summer appropriate, it was a great way to spend a Sunday.

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Ben is a 21 year old photographer who loves capturing the emotion of a moment. He focuses on wedding & portrait photography, but doesn't mind trying his hand at other genres from time to time either. Ben spends most of his spare time reading about photography, practicing new photography techniques and spending all his money on new photography toys. Growing up in Gloucester & moving after completing school, he is now studying a Bachelor of Business at the University of Newcastle. A self-confessed geek, you can follow his stream of consciousness on Twitter or see the latest work on his blog.

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