5 Great Spots to Practice Yoga in Newcastle

Yoga in Newcastle

Yoga in Newcastle. Image courtesy of Healthy Yoga.

Got a healthy body, healthy mind resolution? Consider the physical, mental and spiritual discipline of yoga, which is seeing a wave of popularity in Newcastle.

The great thing about yoga is that no matter your age, body type or level of fitness, yoga is something able to be practiced by anyone. The health benefits of yoga are almost endless. It is therapeutic and relieves the mind of unwanted tension. It helps you become more aware of your body’s posture, alignment and patterns of movement. It makes the body more flexible and helps you relax even in the midst of a stress stricken environment. These are some of the foremost reasons why people start practicing yoga - to feel fitter, be more energetic, be happier and peaceful.

Newcastle is home to a number of excellent yoga studios, whether it be in the style of the physically rewarding Ashtanga, the hot and sweaty Bikram or the more relaxed Pilates inspired Yogalates.


Hot Power Yoga

Level 1/285 Hunter Street Newcastle Visit Hot Power Yoga (02) 4929 6791

Hot Power Yoga is a revolutionary method that enables every day people to become free from bodily aches and pains, to begin to calm and understand the workings of their minds and to become happy and healthy despite the stresses of today’s world. Practiced in a room heated to 30°C, sweating has never been so much fun! Classes run daily so be sure to check out the website for more details.

-32.926914 151.775733

New Living Yoga

104 Maitland Road Islington Visit New Living Yoga (02) 4962 1208

Teaching in the more relaxed style of Satyananda, New Living Yoga at Islington is all about developing a fit and healthy body, a clear mind and a stronger, more centred sense of self. Classes run daily ranging from the beginner level through to the more advance. Prices start at $17 per class with the option of purchasing 5 and 10 class passes.

-32.916224 151.74902

Ashtanga Yoga

Level 2, 372 King Street Newcastle Visit Ashtanga Yoga (02) 4926 5751

Ashtanga Yoga is a style that can be tailored to suit the needs of the individual participant. The school's qualified teachers work through the sequence at your own pace, allowing for maximum benefit for both mind and body. Prices for an individual course start at $16 with the option to purchase 4, 8 and 12 week passes also available.

-32.928274 151.7683

Go Yoga

2 Bayview Street Warners Bay Visit Go Yoga 0420 821 445

The only school in the Newcastle area to teach the Ryoho Yoga Style, Go Yoga at Warners Bay uses repetitive movements, body awareness and breath work to improve your body function, health and wellbeing. Classes begin in early 2012 so be sure to check out their website for times and costs.

-32.976241 151.64906

Embody Arts

Level 1, 179 Union Street The Junction (02) 4969 1965

Using a fusion of yoga and pilates, yogalates is something that is sure to take off around the world. Performed on a yoga mat in lying, seated and standing positions, yogalates both strengthens and stretches the major muscles. Classes run for 10 weeks and for times and costs, visit their website.

-32.937477 151.759824

Nick Turner is a born & bred Novocastrian. At 21 years of age, he is in the midst of a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Newcastle, majoring in film, media & cultural studies. His interests include travel, golf, reading, photography, sport, food and watching Seinfeld re-runs. Nick is currently interning at Sticky.

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