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There might be some of us that think we know all the answers, yelling at the screen whenever Hot Seat is on TV or are the reigning champion of Trivial Pursuit, but you don’t need to be a genius or become rich to get your own slice of victory at some of the best Pub Trivia spots in Newcastle. You gave us some good choices on our Pub Trivia Call-Out page and now is the time to unveil the ultimate Insider’s Map Guide. The team have also added a few trivia nights that we enjoy as well, so get those pens and paper ready, because your weeknights are covered! Whether you win cash, food, drinks or book vouchers, or maybe just bragging rights, get a team together to test your knowledge on some common and quirky topics while also having a great night out in town. Don’t forget that we are always after your suggestions, so if you know about ones that are as good as those on our list, leave a comment below!


Great Northern Hotel

89 SCOTT STREET NEWCASTLE NSW 2300 Visit Great Northern Hotel (02) 4927 5728

Who else could be number one than the most rated trivia night by you guys? The Great Northern Hotel have a bangin' Geeks and Beats Music Trivia night on a Wednesday at 7pm. Regular host Jim is entertaining, fun, and asks questions that any person no matter what their musical expertise can answer. If you like Spicks and Specks, then this is where the goofy fun is at. Often holding special event dress-up nights on Halloween, Valentine's Day and Christmas, decorations and even a trophy certainly makes this one entertaining trivia night. Prizes can include a bar tab for 1st and 2nd, but often the most coveted is 3rd place, where your team gets to take home the "vintage vinyl" funny record. Sounds like fun? You betcha!

-32.926986 151.784749

Hotel Delany

134 DARBY STREET NEWCASTLE NSW 2300 Visit Hotel Delany (02) 4929 1627

Hotel Delany, or The Del as locals call it, has another top trivia night to sink your pencils into on a Monday night. If you want an intimate night (read: extremely packed!) you know this spot has some quality trivia questions. Prizes aren't bad either, with cash, bar tab vouchers and even some bottles of wine up for grabs. A jackpot question at the end of the night goes up in price if not won. Get your thinking caps on for this fun night out.

-32.931502 151.771469

Mary Ellen Hotel

57 RAILWAY STREET MEREWETHER NSW 2291 Visit Mary Ellen Hotel (02) 4963 1100

The Mary Ellen, or as my father affectionately calls it, the "Hairy Melon", gets trivia fans excited on a Tuesday night from 8pm. There is often a great mix of friendly teams and depending on how many are playing, first prize can be as much as a $100 bistro voucher. With an awesome selection of food on their menu, that is certainly not a bad prize.

-32.938148 151.750347

Lass O'Gowrie Hotel

14 RAILWAY STREET WICKHAM NSW 2293 Visit Lass O'Gowrie Hotel (02) 4962 1248

Wednesday nights from 7pm really go off at The Lass, with friendly host Dan giving you a mixture of questions that hopefully someone in your team knows! Prizes vary, with food, drinks and book vouchers up for grabs for the lucky teams. There is also an awesome jackpot, which at last report, is at $1000! Now that sure is some bang for your answers! One Insider has told the team that what puts The Lass above the rest is getting your answer sheet back to double check your answers when the host reads them out at the end. Other places aren't known for doing this, which often leads to some ‘unusual’ results. You certainly know you're a winner at this trivia night!

-32.921997 151.756092

Theatre Lane Hotel

189 HUNTER STREET NEWCASTLE NSW 2300 Visit Theatre Lane Hotel (02) 4927 1138

Formally known as the Crown & Anchor, on Wednesday nights from 7pm, the Theatre Lane gets pumping for some good ol' trivia fun. Mini games win free drinks and Freddo’s (yum) or something similar. It is a bit up in the air what first place winners receive, but food vouchers wouldn't go astray.

-32.926617 151.778808

Blackbutt Hotel

80 ORCHARDTOWN ROAD NEW LAMBTON NSW 2305 Visit Blackbutt Hotel (02) 4957 3435

As part of the Quizmaster's Trivia bandwagon spot on Wednesday nights from 8-10pm, $3 entry is not bad for a fun night out. Regulars are friends for two hours every week, creating a fun atmosphere where quizmaster Mark gets teams thinking. Prizes vary, but are worth enough to make people sweat over that one question they got wrong that cost them the victory. The 'Blacky' is as good as any others for a quality night out.

-32.934199 151.707662

The Burwood Inn

77 BERNER STREET MEREWETHER NSW 2291 Visit The Burwood Inn (02) 4963 5000

There is always a great mix of questions at The Burwood trivia night on Wednesdays at 7.30pm. What makes this venue even more convincing for a great Wednesday night out is great pub meals for quality prices! Munch on $15 Schnitzels and $17 Rump Steaks, both served with chips and salad, while you answer some questions. Easy as pie (or schnitzel).

-32.940743 151.752815

The Clarendon Hotel

347 HUNTER STREET NEWCASTLE NSW 2300 Visit The Clarendon Hotel (02) 4907 6700

Want a relaxing and fun Thursday night? The Clarendon from 8pm boasts a mixture of trivia topics covering current events, sport, pop culture, and general knowledge. The first three teams share in a bar tab, with first place pocketing $50 on the bar. Mini games throughout the night help you get your hands on drink vouchers while a popular jackpot question goes up each week if it isn't won. One unique feature of this trivia night is an SMS trivia game conducted during marking which gives you a chance to win cash and drinks. A lot of prizes for a free night of trivia? Add this gem to your list.

-32.926919 151.773371

The Cambridge Hotel

789 HUNTER STREET NEWCASTLE NSW 2302 Visit The Cambridge Hotel (02) 4962 2459

Tuesday nights at The Cambo plays host to some great Music and Movie trivia. Steadily gaining a loyal following, test your skills at a venue that caters to all kinds of musical tastes and loves to stump you on a random movie. Starting at 7pm, assemble your team and register at 6.30pm for a free night of fun competition. You never know what goodies you will be taking home!

-32.924447 151.757678

Nag's Head

272 BRUNKER ROAD ADAMSTOWN NSW 2289 Visit Nag's Head (02) 4952 5743

On Thursday night, The Nag's is where you have to be. Great blend of questions for any trivia nut with a few questions thrown in to really get you thinking, meet up with your team in the sports bar from 7.30pm. There is $100 in prizes every trivia night with cheap beer and wine for all players between 8-10pm. Cheap drinks and good prizes? Mark this spot in your calendar.

-32.935019 151.725456

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These are all unspeakably excellent trivia nights, but I would encourage you to come along and check out the Music and Movie Trivia night at the Cambridge Hotel on Tuesday nights at 7pm.

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