Ice-cream! Get Your Icecream! A Guide to Newcastle’s Ice-Creameries

There’s little as refreshing as the feeling of rich, mouth-tingling ice cream when the weather is warm. There’s also little more disgusting than watching a little kid dribble stickiness down their face and clothes. Luckily, Newcastle offers an array of ice-creameries for every ice-cream lover in town. Here are five of the best…


Estabar Gelati & Espresso Bar

61 Shortland Esplanade, Newcastle NSW 2300 (02) 4927 1222

Estabar is a chic little espresso bar that sits nestled opposite Newcastle Beach. They offer a range of delicious cakes and coffee and a savoury breakfast and lunch menu – as well as a range of unusual and quirky ice-cream and sorbet! Served in cups or in a glass whipped with ice, Estabar tend to steer away from unreliable cones. Pistachio and passionfruit is a killer combination that, although a little more expensive than your average ice cream, will please even the fussiest tongues.

-32.929084 151.789663

Cold Rock Ice Creamery

Picardi Centre, Shop 2, Beaumont St Hamilton NSW 2303 (02) 4961 0300

Cold Rock has been serving Novocastrians dessert on Beaumont since Boxing Day 2003, and is still thriving today. A range of traditional and unusual flavours are complemented by the ‘rock’ – where you can choose a topping of your choice to get smashed unceremoniously into your ice-cream. Toppings range from your average chocolate bar (Mars, Bounty, Snickers), to sickly thick and sweet fudge (caramel fudge is my favourite) to candied nuts and fresh fruit! Delish.

-32.923508 151.747

Jim's on the Harbour

Wharf Road Newcastle NSW 2300

A beautiful location compliments this circular creamery just big enough to fit an array of flavours and one server. Jim's serve the rich and buttery ice-cream that will satisfy any sugar-craving to the brim, in your choice of cup or waffle. With two chilled cabinets full of tubs of every flavour ice-cream, Jim's is the perfect splurge for the kids on your foreshore walk. If you're in Hamilton, head along to the original Jim's Ice-Creamery for a range of ice-cream & lollies that is sure to give you a sugar rush. It's a piece of local history, operating in the area for more than 50 years.

-32.925489 151.776699

Kiwi Waffle ‘n’ Cones

40 Zaara Street Newcastle NSW 2300 (02) 4926 3400

A classic in Newcastle, Kiwi have an extensive range of sorbets and ice-creams served very economically and generously into homemade waffles. To the left of the creamery you can actually see the waffle maker, which press sweet and crunchy waffles like nowhere else. Ice-cream at Kiwi is a lovely end to a big sun-bleached day at Newcastle Beach for ice-creamers of all ages.

-32.928357 151.787744

Movenpick Swiss Icecream

Lee Wharf Honeysuckle NSW 2300 Visit Movenpick Swiss Icecream

With a reputation as the crème de la crème of ice-cream everywhere, Movenpick is described as a ‘gastronomic tradition with innovation at heart’. The store offer the most refined sorbets, seasonal icecream and frozen yoghurts ice cream has to offer at a price that may make your conscience say ‘adults only’ and your heart say 'more!'

-32.92588 151.767941

Emma is a bright-eyed, bushy-tailed 1st year student, undertaking a Bachelor of Communication (majoring in Industry Waffle/Strategic Argument Implementation) at The University of Newcastle. Her interests include critiquing everything, relentlessly blogging about insignificant happenings and drawing poorly. When she grows up, she wants to be Oprah.

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