Toot Toot, Beep Beep! Newcastle Daytrips On A Bike And A Train

Bike ride around Newcastle

Looking for an adventure but don’t want to empty your bank account? Explore your city instead! Newcastle has a lot to offer and public transport provide the means to organise a day trip cheaply and quickly. Travelling on the train is the perfect way to zip through the city and out to the rural areas in a short and sweet 15 minutes – and no traffic! Another great thing about the train is you can bring your bike. Bikes are permitted on trains free of charge, except if any part of the journey is made between 6.00am and 9.00am or 3.30pm and 7.30pm on weekdays, in which case you need to buy your wheels a ticket. Here is a one day plan for a train adventure.


Begin at Newcastle Station

Park in the backstreets of Cooks Hill to avoid the pesky parking police and grab your bike. Ride down King St – cruise past the tower cinema, peer awestruck at the severely overpriced boutique shops and nod solemnly at the former David Jones. Nip past Sprocket and grab a delicious takeaway coffee. Head down to the station and grab a MyMulti-Day Pass ($20 for adults, $10 for concession and children), which offers unlimited travel on all Newcastle buses, trains and ferries services for the day. Jump on the train with your wheels and relax!

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Alight at Hamilton Station

Pedal down Beaumont St – a culture-centre full of fashion, food and shopping. Nip into Gourmet Goose, and scan the selection of delicious cheese, cold meats and antipasto – buy whatever your tastebuds see fit. Hustle a warm loaf of fresh bread from Brumbies while you’re there, and don’t forget the napkins. Jump back onto the train and relax until Warabrook.

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Alight at Warabrook

Jump off here and cruise over the massive footbridge, across the grassy field and past the houses. Voila! A placid and peaceful lake! Set up camp and enjoy a picnic with your loot from Beaumont. Resist feeding ducks, marvel at the selection of wildlife. Perhaps a little snooze in the sunshine. Jump back on the train and relax til Victoria St.

-32.887213 151.710019

Alight at Victoria St

Grab your bike and get ready to ride! The journey from Victoria St to Morpeth is around 6km, but it is a fantastic ride full to the brim of rural scenery and smooth, untroubled and unpopulated roads. Morpeth is an idyllic destination to discover a unique and mostly undisturbed part of the Hunter Valley. Browse specialty shops such as Morpeth Speciality Oils (for boutique oils, mustards, vinegars, soaps and even a range of books by esteemed food writers), Grandma’s Feather Bed & Teddy Bears Downstairs (an 1830's sandstone cottage full of Teddy Bears, gollies and their friends) or Morpeth Wine Cellar & Moonshine Distillery (for Morpeth moonshine and boutique hunter wines). Pedal back and board a train heading toward Newcastle this time.

-32.751017 151.59384

Alight at Civic Station

Chain your bike and browse the new Museum in the Honeysuckle precinct – it’s free! Explore Newcastle’s history and beliefs, natural environment and the early Aboriginal life. Journey through times of war and immigration and meet pioneers of yesteryear. Check for travelling exhibitions. When you’re informed enough, cruise over to Cold Rock on the harbour and grab an ice-cream or shake, then relax on the harbour. From here you can bike back to your car in an easy five minutes!

-32.838772 151.683238

Emma is a bright-eyed, bushy-tailed 1st year student, undertaking a Bachelor of Communication (majoring in Industry Waffle/Strategic Argument Implementation) at The University of Newcastle. Her interests include critiquing everything, relentlessly blogging about insignificant happenings and drawing poorly. When she grows up, she wants to be Oprah.

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