Win Tickets to Stevie Nicks at Newcastle Entertainment Centre

Tickets to see Stevie Nicks in Newcastle

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Whether you love Stevie Nicks from her Fleetwood Mac days, have joined the craze after her appearance on hit show Glee, or have a friend or parent who would appreciate the tickets make sure you enter our giveaway to score a double pass to her show at the Newcastle Entertainment Centre this November.

Stevie Nicks fronted the legendary Fleetwood Mac, moved on to a solo career and is touring to promote her new album In Your Dreams. The album was co-produced with Dave Stewart (Eurythmics), who will be joining Stevie, and special guest Brian McFadden, on stage for this tour. In a review of the album, Nicks has been described as ‘the gypsy queen in royal form’ by Rolling Stone.

After appearing on Glee with the classic ‘Landslide’, Nicks has created a new generation of fans and revived Fleetwood Mac, sending their 1977 album Rumours to number two on the Australian charts.

To enter, click below. You have several chances to gain entries - the more entries, the better chance you have at heading along to the Newcastle show, presented by McManus Entertainment.

The competition will close on 31 July.

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yay gold dust woman

Please pick me !!!

Karin Mc Rae

My favorite Stevie song is Wild Heart. <3


I love Stevie Nicks

Brett Blackshaw

Edge of Seventeen


Rhiannon is one of my Fave’s but really love them all xxxxx

Lisa Knight

Sisters of the moon is my favorite Stevie nicks song

Brett vollus

Gypsy, fo’ shiz - but does it count because she handed it over to Fleetwood Mac?
Otherwise it’s Edge of Seventeen, because of Joan Cusack’s rendition in School of Rock.

Wai-Jing Man

Dreams Unwind,loves a state of mind.



Go Stevie Nicks!!!


Long time fan.
Never been to a concert, can you believe that??
Wherever she is, whatever she is doing I hope she is having a ball !!!


Silver Springs



Anthony Hoiland

Beauty and the Beast 🙂

Edge of Seventeen - Stevie Nicks is a favorite. But I’ll be honest, I love Landslide, Gypsy, Rhiannon and all the rest! She’s pretty damn amazing!

Michael Venz

Little Lies


Edge of Seventeen!! A classic rock tune.

Shane Quill

Bombay sapphires off trouble in shangrila is my fav Stevie solo song

Brett vollus

“…lightning strikes, maybe once, maybe twice…” Gypsy, for sure.




My all time favourite Stevie song is Edge Of Seventeen because it was the first solo song of hers I heard and instantly fell in love with.

I love alot of songs off her Trouble In Shangri-La album (Fall From Grace, Too Far From Texas, That Made Me Stronger) they are just songs really mellow and catchy. And of course her early solo albums (Bella Donna, The Wild Heart, Rock A Little) Those three albums have so many amazing songs on them like Nightbird off The Wild Heart, Kind Of Woman off Bella Donna and Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You from Rock A Little. Then there’s Blue Denim from Street Angel and Rooms On Fire from Other Side Of The Mirror.

I especially love her new album, Annabel Lee is definetly one of my new all time favourite Stevie Nicks songs along with For What It’s Worth. And how could I forget every song she has written for Fleetwood Mac.

The thing about Stevie is she writes songs you can relate to and thats why her music speaks to me and inspires me with my own songwriting and I could never thank her enough for that. (Sorry about the essay, I just had to get that all out)

One favourite Stevie Nicks song? How can I decide??!
Bella Donna, Outside the Rain, Twisted, Edge of Seventeen, Stop Draggin My Heart Around…but would probably choose an old favourite, ‘Stand Back’

Elena Gan

Second Hand News (I can’t even write this title without smiling!)


I love “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around” by Stevie Nicks

Karen Tams

My favorite Stevie Nicks song is ‘Sara’! the full 6 and a half minute version, not the short radio edit.
If your talking her solo records it would have to be ‘Stand Back’, great song.

My favourite Stevie Nicks song is Dreams 😀 ahh Fleetwood Mac

Cormack O'Connor

Landslide! Who doesn’t get a tear on when they hear that!

Jodie Duddington

Edge of seventeen! Mum recently got me into Stevie, and being 17 of course this is my favourite!


OMG!! love Stevie - got to see her when Fleetwood came out - would love to take my MUM!

Alicia Lyell

My Favourite all time Stevie Nicks song is Stand Back. I loved it even more when i watched the Live at Red Rocks dvd. What an awesome DVD that is and it’s a dvd that every Stevie Nicks Fan should own.
Can’t wait to see her. Just have to win tickets now.

Tanya Lansdell

~Rock a Little
~Sister Honey
~Stop draggin’ my heart around!

* Love to win these tickets for my Mum’s 55th B’day!

Nicole W

Blue lamp
My favourite Stevie nicks song from the heavy metal soundtrack
L8tr included in the enchanted box set 🙂

Brett Vollus

Beautiful Child, vocals are amazing, song is very intense, love it!

Like a strand in the wind in the web that is my own, I begin again.

Brad Boppe

Rhiannon as it takes me back to a time where freedom ,peace and love were the flavour of the day!

Jacqui Lagaluha

Stevie is so beautiful..
“Well maybe I’m just thinking that the Rooms are all on Fire everytime that you walk in the room, well there was magic all around you if I do say so myself..”
Easily Rooms on Fire, but I have rocked along to Edge of Seventeen a fair few times in front of the mirror too!


Definitely Crystal



Joanne McDonald

My favourite Stevie Nicks song is Edge of Seventeen.


Stevie Nicks getting better with age….who doean’t love Rhiannon



roberto colombi

She has gone, now is back. Wild heart is the best song, how Id love to see her sing this again.

karen smith



edge of seventine


My favourite song is Silver Springs. That woman’s voice makes me melt!

Renee Cashmore

Thorn in My Side

Carolyn Watson

I love all of them, can’t pick just one.. She has been my Idol for years..



Brooke Murphy


michelle rose

Silver Springs

Kristina Slatyer Watson


Bob Maloney


Pauline Dobson

stop dragging my heart around. is one of many. would love to take my mother, we’ve never been to a concert ever.

she is an American music legend ….

I love all her and fleetwood.mac songs but prob white wiing dove or.dreams

jacqueline stampa

I love all her and fleetwood.mac songs but prob white wiing dove or.dreams
I saw stevie in the 80’s at syd and.she was great would love to see her again… pls pik me! X

jacqueline stampa

Edge of seventeen, dreams, white wing many love her saw.her in 80’s!!!

jacqueline stampa


rob brown

I don’t really have a fave Stevie Nicks song but my mum loves her music.. and because my mums looked after me for 24 years (im in a wheelchair) i’d love to treat her to go to this show

Steve Shadlow

Cmonnn tickets for Mum’s Bday.

Andrew Milos

how can you choose one song?? Bella Donna, Gypsy, Beautiful Child, Rhiannon, Sara, have loved Stevie since I was 13, and am turning 47 this year !!

Absolutely LOVE “Don’t Stop”
Whatever mood I’m in before I hear it, I’m guaranteed to be smiling by the end


Edge of Seventeen


fav song is Gypsy..yay


Stevie Nicks lover forever
Leather and Lace
To see her in the city
Can’t stay away
I need to see her
To hear her play!


“Dreams” is my favourite. I’d love to win tickets & see her show.

Deb Tyrrell

I love Landslide by Stevie Nicks 🙂 <3


Edge of seventeen is her greatest but hey the rest all come in a close second

Sue Kraay

Secret Love

Jessica Toole

Love is Like a River


Gypsy ,Dreams Go Your own Way, Rhiannon so many great songs to love just one


My favourite song of ALL time is ‘ Gypsy’ - then ‘Gold Dust Woman’ runs a very very close 2nd place 🙂 <3 <3 <3


There are sooo many Stevie Nicks songs to choose from…..but I’ll pick Landslide as my fave.

Landslide for sure - amazing lyrics and warming to the soul 🙂

Renee McBride

hello it would be gold dust woman. cheers


Rhiannon ;-)))

Lisa Chawner
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