Your Guide To Newcastle’s TiNA Festival 2012

Courtesy of This is Not Art

This is Not Art (TiNA) Festival has been celebrating and nurturing emerging arts and media in Newcastle since 1988. TiNA is brought to you by the Octopod Association, a Newcastle based organisation that acts as a resource base for creative projects in the Hunter Region, alongside an army of volunteers.

Spaning across dozens of venues and locations in the Newcastle area, the comprehensive festival line-up includes “unpredictable panel discussions, workshops, and performances brought to you by” three contributing festivals: Crack Theatre Festvial, the National Young Writers’ Festival, and Critical Animals.

The lead up to TiNA started last night Tuesday, September 25th, with the 2nd Annual Newi Awards, a celebration of the best online talent in the Newcastle region, with the official festival launch on Thursday, September 27th, at The Great Northern Hotel starting at 7pm.

As part of Crack Theatre Festival and the This is Not Art Festival, Rue de la Rocket presents OurShop: “a fun, immersive and interactive critique on the facile, strident and sometimes vacuous comments made today through social media”.

Some of the performances and workshops will be on multiple days so make sure you view the complete schedule here.

It would be almost impossible to include all TiNA events, plus we’d just be repeating the great info you can get from TiNA’s Floktu site, so we’ve decided to include some of the events that we think will be the highlights of the festival to get you started.

Thursday 27th September

This is Not Latte Art @ Sprocket Roasters

Starting at 3:30pm, This is Not Latte Art is a purely art based competition, with baristas asked to pour four (4) coffees in six (6) minutes in cups, mugs, bowls… or any vessel that they choose to bring!

There will be a ‘Free Pour Champion’ and an ‘Outstanding Etch’ prize.

Coffees (in appropriate vessels) will be gifted to spectators… an excellent warm up to the TiNA Official Launch Party kicking off on the same block at 7:00pm. (Please note that there may not be a coffee for every spectator!)

Renew Newcastle Creative Spaces Walking Tour 

Join a guided walking tour of Renew Newcastle retail shops and gallery spaces. You’ll meet the local artists and creative entrepreneurs who have made city revitalisation their business, through their temporary use of otherwise empty commercial property in Newcastle’s CBD. Hosted by Marcus Westbury & Marni Jackson.

Departing from Makespace @ 5pm

TiNA Official Launch @ The Great Northern Hotel 

Come and join us at the Festival Club for the official launch of TiNA 2012.

When?: 7pm

Queers, Queens and the Silver Screen @ The Terrace Bar

The Den, Queer Screen and Monique Schafter proudly present a night of queer independent films including the documentary Trans Boys and a selection of queer short films.

When?: 7.30 - 9.30pm

Technicolour Sarcasm (with Nazis) @ The Crackhouse (Suite 40)

There will be stories, there will be songs, there will be characters and… Nazis! Hop aboard the joke train as we journey through art, poetry, history, geography and the validity of misogynistic rap songs in our modern society..

When?: From 8.15 - 9pm

Toilet Show  @ The Crackhouse (Suite 40) 

A show made entirely out of writing from toilet walls. This group has a love for public art, poetry and naughty words. They hope you do, too. Smell, listen, taste and feel the wrath of public toilet defamation, defecation and desperation.

Deep House Flow @ The Great Northern

Just arrived? Need to chill out? Regroup? Get your bearings? Then do it at the Great Northern while listening to local DJ’s playing house and lounge tunes to get you in the mood.

When?: From 9.30 pm - 1am

Late Night Reading #1: Fifty Shades of Cray @ The Royal Exchange

Finish your night the NYWF way, with our best storytellers treating you to their late-night tales.

When?: 11pm - 12.30am.


Friday 28th September

Blind Date: When Theory Meets Practice @ The Lockup Cultural Centre

What is the relationship between theoretical thought and creative output? Is practice informed by theory inhibited, or is it only within academic confines that innovation may faithfully flourish? Join a writer, poet and visual artist for a cross-disciplinary discussion on the joys and terrors of conceptually fuelled practice.

When?: 11am - 12.30pm

Hate Yourself: The art of self-editing @ Staple Manor (Curve Gallery) 

Self editing is one of the hardnest but most valuable skills an emerging writer can learn. Join the team from Voiceworks as they teach you how to appraise your own work.

When?: 11am - 12pm

 Getting published: How to emerge and get established @ Customs House

Obviously, there is no one avenue for getting your work into print. That being said, this panel will show you a couple of well trodden paths as well as some tips and tricks from industry professionals.

When?: 1 - 2pm

The Porn Panel @ The Royal Exchange

50 Shades of Gray. Progressive or retrogressive? Erotica or smut? Feminist or Chauvinist or please can we stop with these binaries? Women are talking and writing about sex. Come and join the conversation.

When?: 2 - 3pm

The Great Novacastrian Draw Off @ The Great Northern

3 Newcastle Comics vs The Nation. ‘Nuff said.

When?: 3 - 4pm

7 Start Ups and How they Up Started @ Staple Manor (Curve Gallery)

Seven starters of presses, gatherers of collectives, and makers of things show us how they made it all happen in 20 fast and furious slides.

When?: 4 - 5pm

Would You Rather @ The Great Northern 

Never wear shoes or always wear shoes? Go to the moon with somene you hate or go to a six star hotel with someone you love? Our panel of bullshit artists answer none of these questions but others.

When?: 4.30 - 6pm

Musical Flava @ The Loft

1 on 1 B-boy & B-Girl Battles, Live hip hop acts & performances. $250 in prizes , trophies & giveaways.Presented by Damage Entertainment & The Loft.

When?: 6.30 - 10pm

Australia 2050 Black Tie Dinner @ The Elderly Citizens Centre

NYWF invites you to the 2050 Black Tie Dinner. The year is 2050, you are 38 years older, as is Australia. Join us for dinner and drinks in your best 2050 get-up as our keynote speakers wax lyrical on the half-century was was.

When?: 7.30 - 9.30pm

Sorted @ The Great Northern

Drum and bass. Jungle Techno. Old Skool Rave. Featuring Tactical Aspect / LSDJ / FHP CREW

When?: 11pm - 2am


Saturday 29th September

Digital Forum @ The Newcastle Museum Theatre

In four sessions over Saturday leading industry thinkers and activitists in the digital arena will cover topics including money for start up and social enterprise for starters. We also have a close look at massive data and how the role of information curation influences all spheres of on line media and journalism, to how the evolution of Gov. 2.0 is set to redefine participatory democracy in Australia.

Artists and designers working in the public sphere of eco -data as another stream of information and visualization techniques in urban spaces are also in the mix and there will still be room for an in depth industry discussion for curators, artists and digital media producers about the future shape of digital media festivals here in Australia with a specific focus on opportunities for regional artists.

When?: 10am - 6pm

Who’s getting grants (and how?) @ The Royal Exchange

So the government keeps handing out money, but why did they choose those losers over there? How is that project so special? Find out where the grant dollars come from, where they go, and why, so you can go after some of your own.

When?: 11am - 12pm

Constructing Identity in Contemporary Performance @ The Lockup Cultural Centre

Contemporary Performance makers reflect on the implications that the modern ‘crisis of subjectivity’ has on constructing character, autobiography and expressions of self-hood. Help discuss the blurred boundaries between truth and fiction, and consider how we negotiate identity in a precarious age.

When?: 12 - 1.30pm

Grand Final Live Writing @ The Great Northern 

How are sports reports published ten minutes after a game? What happens on matchday? Sports website The Roar takes you behind the scenes on one of the biggest days of their year, as you watch their grand final coverage in real time. Plus some unlikely match reporters, as illustrators, poets, and more take on the game.

When?: 2 - 8pm

NOMAD @ Crackhouse

Hey babe. I miss you. Come home. It’s just the same as you left it. Love you. Two travellers on the ultimate mission - to return home. Postcards, pigeons, snowglobes - we’ll always have Paris.

When?: 2.45 - 3.15pm

Literary Trivia @ The Great Northern

It’s difficult to show off your knowledge of Gertrude Stein without coming off like a wanker. NYWF has a solution with Literary Trivia. Come to the pub for an afternoon of drinks, prizes and smugness.

When?: 4.30 - 6pm

Best Idea Wins @ The Royal Exchange

In this special event, Christian Lander walks you through pitches by young writers, examining what could go wrong, what could go right, and why. With Christian Lander, Marieke Hardy.

When?: 6 - 7.30pm

Elefant Traks Ball @ The Great Northern

For two days our Elefant Traks supergroup, led by members of The Herd, has been working on brand new material. See their efforts premiered, then dance the night away in your best leopard-print. Dress code: Hip Hop Safari.

When?: 8pm - 2am


Sunday 30th September

ONE MIGHTY ROAR with Leigh Pyman @ Crackhouse (Suite 40)

A voice masterclass to inspires performers and directors to rethink and engage physcially with the voice. Leigh shares his knowledge, passion and practice through a highly enjoyable and imaginative masterclass. Essential skill to update for all makers and performers.

When?: 10 - 11.30am

Zine and Artist Rooftop Market @ The King Street Carpark

Come along to our regular gig which happens on the TiNA Sunday. Check out zines, artists stalls, roving performances and Sprocket coffee and plenty of foodies. Be part of the buzz or just chill out in the sun on the roof listening to deep soul funky beats by Soul Stickler. You might just happen to bump into Old Man.

When?: From 10am - 4pm

Newcastle Hack (HackSpace) @ The Roost Creative

Supported by Newcastle Now & Octapod. With thanks to The Roost & The Lunaticks Society.

So, you have an idea about the city or just want to test out a concept for a new application? We’d like to help you with it – come down to Octapod’s dedicated Hack Space and put in on the table. Over a single day, this is an opportunity to meet with our expert team of mentors and develop a big or little idea for the Newcastle.

There are a limited number of spaces available. To ensure we can make the day work best for you we need you to register and tell us a little bit about yourself and your capabilities and areas of interest so we can match you up with other creatives. Or why not form your own creative team and come along together?

The Roost is a perfect incubator space with all the whiteboards, Internets, and inspiration you need. Snacks provided and beers when you present your very own Newcastle Hack at the end of the day.

When?: 10.30am - 4pm

Freelancing Nuts and Bolts @ The Staple Manor (Curve Gallery) 

Preparing to go solo? Struggling to get by as an unaffiliated writer? Join a range of industry professionals as they pass on the key bits of information that every freelancer should know.

When?: 1 - 2pm

Women of Letters @ The Civic Theatre Playhouse

When Marieke Hardy and Michaela McGuire started Women of Letters, they didn’t know it would become a phenomenon. As its travelling roadshow traverses the nation, come and check out Newcastle’s slice of the action.

When?: 2 - 4pm

Who’s gonna make it on the internet? @ The Great Northern

Want to clock up over a million readers a month? Christian Lander explains web phenomena, and the structure and economics of online publishing.

When?: 4 - 5pm


Grace is a third year Communication student at the University of Newcastle, with studies focusing primarily on marketing and public relations. Her other interests include live music, taking naps, and supporting animal rescues.

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