Mid-Week Gigs This Week: Smooth Jazz, New Indie-Rock & Folk-Blues

Lovers Jump Creek

Lovers Jump Creek come to Newcastle this Wednesday night. Image courtesy of The AU Review.

If catching live music on the weekends just isn’t enough for you (and let’s face it, sometimes it just isn’t!), you’re in luck! This week, you can head along to gigs covering a diverse range of genres - each & every night! So here’s the plan…

Tuesday: M. A. R. M. at The Underground

Tuesday is jazz night & tonight you can head to the Underground at The Grand Hotel for the latest installment of Newcastle’s improvised music association’s (NIMA) weekly gigs. This week, M. A. R. M. will take the stage. The band features James Muller on guitar, Daryl Aberhart on keys & Mike Rivett on sax & synth. This gig runs from 7:30 - 11pm and is $10 entry.  There’s a restaurant upstairs that has a neat $10 meal selection, so why not make a night of it.

Wednesday: Lovers Jump Creek at The Great Northern

Lovers Jump Creek are an indie-rock act out of Sydney touring to promote their EP Bless This Mess. Their playing has been described as “an impressive lineup of jagged & progressive rock tunes…never letting their staccato riffs & odd time signatures get in the way of amazing songwriting” (Drum Media).  Have a listen here. If you like what you hear, head along for a fast-paced, high voltage live performance this Wednesday night at The Great Northern. The best part? It’s free entry.

Thursday: Eric Bibb at Lizottes Newcastle

I’m including this one more to get those of you with tickets excited… it’s actually sold out, you see. For those of us lucky to have booked a spot, we’re in for something a little more laidback on Thursday night at Lizottes Newcastle, which will play host to the phenomenal international folk-blues master Eric Bibb. I’ve seen him perform a couple of times and can say that it is truly a pleasure. Bibb’s songwriting captures his soulful gospel influences & rootsy American style in timeless tunes. Tonight, he’ll perform in a duo alongside Swedish guitarist Staffan Astner. He’s touring to promote the launch of his latest CD, Deeper In The Well. Support will be by Gian & Krystle Warren. Who’s going?

If you didn’t manage to score tickets, never fear! There are more options for you this Thursday night, including Children Collide at The Cambridge, Nugwardo + Crazy Old Maurice + Rein Room at The Lass and Jazz Factory at The Great Northern.

Newcastle often has a selection of great entertainment throughout each & every week, meaning there’s no excuse for staying cooped up inside the house! Have you got a mid-week gig coming up? Let me know!

Helen Henry grew up in Newcastle, and in 2010 graduated with a Bachelor of Communication from the local University. This was pleasing because it made her officially qualified to communicate about the things she likes most: music and the music industry, photography, digital, cute animals and her friends & family. Most recently, Helen worked as a Digital Projects Assistant at Sticky Advertising and was Editor of Urban Insider. She has recently landed a pretty sweet gig working in the music industry in Sydney.

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