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The anticipated opening of MoneyPenny will bring a casual, fun and welcoming retreat away from the larger nightlife venue’s currently in Newcastle. Offering a great venue where guests feel comfortable and relaxed, MoneyPenny will be the perfect environment for a ladies night out, a dinner spot for girls to bring their guys or even the ideal first date. Residing in the heart of the Honeysuckle precinct on the Boardwalk (19/1 Honeysuckle Drive, Newcastle), MoneyPenny is a small Newcastle bar that has more than just the great location to offer!

Specialising in hospitality, an element that can be few and far between in nightlife establishments, MoneyPenny will be a breath of fresh air to Newcastle. Owned and operated by local people who are well versed in the finer points of cocktail crafting and great food for in excess of ten years proves MoneyPenny is entering the market with a wealth of knowledge. Their real point of difference is the fostering of direct relationships between customer and operator. The owners, drawing from experience, are setting out to prove that customer relations are key in a successful establishment  They seek to attain the friendly environment where customers can simply order “the usual”, harbouring a more personalised experience. Moreover MoneyPenny seeks to incorporate customer influence, allowing them to suggest favoured cocktails to appear on the drink list and music they wish to hear, basically giving them shared ownership over the bar.

The food will be very open minded, incorporating more than one nationality, focusing on dishes that work well in a sharing and socialising arena. Concentrating on small share platters will offer people flexibility to order a little or a lot depending on their appetite and budget. Making it easy to share two - three dishes with a partner or friend whilst still being cost effective. A great element MoneyPenny is incorporating is the weekly change to the beverage menu! Five new cocktails will appear hand written behind the bar each week, allowing the owners to keep the menu fresh and intriguing, something definitely worth checking out. There will be an Australian focus on the craft beer selection, with a few international incorporations, again these will change weekly ultimately allowing customers to broaden their taste selection. Wine will follow a similar format with a selection of seven red’s and seven white’s, keeping it simple and fun.

Make sure you pay MoneyPenny a visit, embracing the warm nature of the niche bar, whilst relaxing in the ambiance it offers. Anticipating a July opening, it’s worth watching this space, as well as their website and  Facebook page to keep up to date with what MoneyPenny is offering! If your as keen as we are on this opening, jump on their website and subscribe to their mailing list, or for job seekers why not download their employee application and really become part of MoneyPenny!

Lahnee O'Brien is a third year Business student with majors in Marketing and International Business. Coinciding with her studies she is currently undertaking an internship with Sticky, along side her work with the The Style Group. Her hobbies include a passion for travel, a good night out with friends and great coffee!

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