Tips from Maitland’s Organic Feast: Is Juice the Answer to a Healthier 2012?


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By this time of the year many of our New Year’s resolutions have already been broken. Never fear, it’s not too late! If you are committed to being healthier in 2012 here’s something to consider. Juice! It’s something that many of us drink every day with our breakfast, but it usually comes out of a bottle that’s been sitting on a supermarket shelf for months. I decided to have a chat to someone in the know about all things juice & organic, Brent Faiins, who owns Organic Feast in Maitland.

Here are some tips from Brent:

  • Organic juices are a very good thing because you can take in high densities of nutrients in a readily digestible form. Drinking juice in conventional form is not beneficial when you are in the process of doing something good for your body, it’s nutritionally poorer, has less flavour and then there’s the impact of pesticides on our bodies.
  • Try and alkalise your juices. Make it at home and include ingredients such as kale, cucumber, lemon, parsley and other greens. Even stuff that you have growing in your garden!
  • Eat super foods! Ingredients like raw cacao and mucca powder have amazing benefits for your health. Raw cacao is raw cocoa beans that are rich in antioxidants, and you get more of that when it’s raw. Mucca powder is a really good energy booster and has a lot of minerals. Kale is also fantastic, having recently been rediscovered as a modern super food. Quinoa is also great for your health. It’s a South American grain and it’s the only plant-based source of all your amino acids. It is a complete source of protein like meat, except it’s readily digestible.
  • Drink alkaline water and coconut water, they act like a natural isotonic.
  • Mojo Kombucha, which is drinking live culture, is the best thing in the world for a healthy body.
  • Try and stick to an organic diet. If price is an issue, just pick out the basics and then work out which luxuries you can afford.
  • Avoid foods that are exposed to pesticide.
  • Eat organic eggs.
  • Reduce meat and dairy in your diet.
  • Minimise sugar! It’s the number one evil. It is more addictive than anything and people don’t know it. We intake so much more sugar than we used to and it’s pretty bad. That’s a key tip!

Organic Feast is located in East Maitland. They stock a range of organic products, hold juicer demonstrations and have a home delivery service, servicing as far as Muswellbrook to Gosford.If you would like any more information on Organic Feast’s products, feel free to give them a call on (02) 4934 7351, or visit their website.

Insider Cormack O’Connor decided to take on a juice detox after speaking with Brent - you can check out the results here.

Cormack O'Connor is a fresh and exciting local teenage photographer who expresses what his life is like as an Australian male teen through his work. An award winning photographer (Ilford Digital National School Competition Years 7 - 8), Cormack is also a link in Canon's Hero Chain and is one to watch!

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