True Pilates Sydney

True Pilates Sydney

True Pilates Sydney

True Pilates Sydney Studio teach traditional Romana’s Pilates Method. Their Pilates classes are personal and focused on technique, while their Reformer classes are Private (Individual) or Duet (two-on-one) and Mat classes are small and intimate. True Pilates believe in offering high-quality teaching to ensure a deeper understanding of the Pilates technique to improve Strength, Control, Co-ordination & Flexibility.

Located near Sydney’s Central Station, True Pilates niche offering is focused on technique and traditional training, therefore they mostly specialise in Private Pilates Classes.

The Pilates Method is a global system of resistance training that uses the combination of body weight and springs to lengthen & strengthen the body without building bulk. It strengthens the ‘Powerhouse’ - the lower back, upper and upper abdominals, hips and gluts, and the extremities- arms, shoulders and legs  improving Posture, Flexibility, Co-ordination and Stamina.

Benefits of Pilates exercise

  • Improve Body Conditioning & Shaping on a deeper level
  • Refines and strengthens the intrinsic/ finer muscles
  • Better posture and ease of movement
  • Being able to isolate and control muscle activation
  • Corrective training for Prevention of injury
  • Non invasive to joints (no aggressive weight bearing)
  • Increase Recovery rate from injuries
  • Better retention of Muscle memory

True Pilates instructors, led by Yung Ok Yoo, are trained & certified through Romana’s Pilates New York, the world’s leading certification body for True Pilates in the Traditional method - Romana Krysanowska (1923 - 2013) was Joseph Pilates first and foremost protege. Romana’s Pilates certification requires a completion of a minimum 700 hours during its apprenticeship to which there are three stages of examination to ensure competency and quality in all certified Romana Pilates Instructor.

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