A Thrill Seekers Guide To Newcastle

There’s more to Newcastle than beautiful beaches, great eateries and friendly locals, we have plenty on offer to satisfy your inner dare devil as well. Whether you’re a local or here for an adventure these activities are more than just thrill’s with most offering you a world class tour of Newcastle and it’s surrounds, letting you embrace it like the local’s do.  Take a read of our top Newcastle thrill’s and see which you’ll brave, to really get submerged in Newcastle’s seaside culture!


Power Boat around Lake Macquarie

Lake Macquarie Visit Power Boat around Lake Macquarie (02) 4972 1777

One of Lake Macquarie's most exhilarating thrill's awaits you and put's you up close and personal with the Lake itself! Jet Boat Thrill Rides Lake Macquarie promise "a thrill to remember...where you'll endure heart stopping combination of high-speed slides and turns, 360° spins, power break stops and fish tails". Hold onto your hats ladies and gentlemen the boat can reach upto 38 knots and runs for 35 to 40 minutes. Bonus for you the water is your only limit so the driver can pick you up ANYWHERE on the lake. Visit their website for booking and pricing information.

-33.065738 151.621496

Sky Dive the Hunter Valley

East Gosford NSW 2250 Visit Sky Dive the Hunter Valley (02) 4322 9884

Are you after exhilarating, what is more exhilarating than jumping out of a plane at 15,000ft? A short drive from Newcastle Just Jump Skydive prides itself on creating the ultimate experience, adrenaline coursing through your veins and a heart beating a million miles an hour. What better way to see the exquisite Hunter Valley Vineyards...and closely located to a lovely glass of red that you'll be sure to need afterwards! Experience the breathtaking panoramic views before, after and if your quick enough during the 60 second free fall. Prepare yourself dare devils this isn't one for the faint hearted!

-33.424972 151.342224

Learn to Surf with Newcastle Surf School

Nobby's Beach Blacksmith's Beach Visit Learn to Surf with Newcastle Surf School 0405500469

Alway's watched the surfer's of Newcastle in awe as they gulide on the water's surface? Now it's your turn to get in and amongst it, brave the water and learn to surf at Nobby's or Blacksmith's! Newcastle Surf School is one of the longest running surf programs in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie so your in good hands with them! Take to the waves and test your skills, who know's you may just have what it takes. But be warned your sure to be using muscles you didn't know existed, well worth it!

-33.07797 151.65736

Kite surf off Nobby's

Kitesurfing is one of the most amazing sports to hit the shorelines of Newcastle, and can take you by surprise with the speed gained on a breezy day! Kiteschool uses the latest in boards and kites, techniques, and learning methods to make your progression through the learning stages of kiteboarding enjoyable, rapid, and as safe as possible, whilst still delivering that thrill seeker 'rush'. Offering 3 skill levels of lessons there is something to suit everyone!

-32.921941 151.794072

4WD Stockton Sand Dunes

A great day out that can be done in your own 4WD or with a trek group! Take to the sand dunes and see where you end up. A popular sport for 4WD and quad bikes alike, both providing high level thrills and adrenaline. Stockton Beach is the 4WD and buggy capital of Australia, this huge expanse of sand dune area is open for camping and frolicking. Pack lunch and make a day of it but be sure to read up on the permit's and car safety recommendations, last thing you want is to get bogged!

-32.861853 151.832051

Helicopter Ride over Newcastle

Williamtown Drive Williamtown NSW 2318 Visit Helicopter Ride over Newcastle (02) 4965 1800

Take to the sky and see Newcastle at it's best! Experience the exhilaration of taking off and taking in Newcastle in all its magnificent glory. With an abundance of impressive sights on offer, there is choices of, 10 though to 40 minute flights and also tour packages such as 'Ultimate Ales with Altitude' and 'Adrenaline Triple Challenge'. Get that heart rate pumping with a tandem parasail, 45 minute wave jumping safari onboard Thundacraft, followed by a 10minute scenic heli-flight over stunning Port Stephens. Stunning views to match those adrenaline junkie cravings.

-32.804131 151.839999

Hot Air Balloon over the Hunter Valley

Wine Country Drive Rothbury NSW 2320 Visit Hot Air Balloon over the Hunter Valley (02) 4990 9242

Let the breeze usher you over the Hunter Valley vineyards on your early morning Balloon flight, embrace the scaling heights and let the balloon carry you up, up and above. Catch a breath taking sun rise and enjoy it all from your basket! Champagne breakfast provided with most tours upon arrival back in the Vineyards. This is one not to be missed!

-32.775264 151.340948

Hand Glide over the Beaches of Newcastle

A hand gliding tandem flight is the absolute best way to experience the thrill of pure flight, the way it was meant to be! The tandem flight is the first step toward learning the beautiful art of hang gliding. Get hands-on flying experience, safely hanging along side an advanced, certified tandem instructor. Flights are approximately 20-30 minuets and it's your choice between a foot launched soaring flight or a 3000ft high altitude aero-towed flight. Take off an thrill seeking adventure you won't forget easily!

-32.927464 151.791431

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