Newcastle bakeries that take the Cupcake

Cupcakes in place of traditional cakes are a particularly yummy trend springing up at birthdays, weddings, baby showers and parties worldwide. This delicious phenomenon has spread faster than fondant on cupcakes fresh out of the oven. For almost everything worth celebrating a cupcake has been decorated to suit.


hello naomi

289-259 Darby Street Cooks Hill NSW 2300 Visit hello naomi 0413 296 670

Couture cupcakes are an unexpected product of a computer engineering PhD, but the constraints of the engineering field left Cooks Hill local, Naomi, feeling the need to unleash her creativity. Thus, hello naomi begun. What originated as a hobby has lead to a successful business venture, you can place an order for cute or quirky cupcakes with prices starting at only $4.95 per cupcake, both consumer and purveyor are happy. hello naomi’s designs include nostalgic favorites such as Pacman and Super Mario as well as Floral or Conversation Candy decorations.

-32.938503 151.765448

Designer Delights

4/158 Pacific Highway Charlestown NSW 2290 Visit Designer Delights (02) 4920 6400

Designer Delights is a café and patisserie in Charlestown who encourage originality in the designs of each cake. However, there is one design that just cannot be overlooked. The giant cup cake. It is exactly what you think it is, a cupcake not in a one or two bite size, but the size of a normal cake or a medium sized head. It is amazing and tastes as good as it looks.

-32.964333 151.695335

Sugar Rush

1/9 Wilsons Rd Mt Hutton, NSW, 2290. Visit Sugar Rush 0458 990 961

All the cakes from Sugar Rush are baked 100% from scratch which is almost hard to believe as the finished products are truly picturesque. The signature design of the rose and flower buttercream cupcakes almost look too good to eat, but eat them you must! They are delicious, moist, tasty cakes in flavours difficult to match. This exclusive cupcakery is open by appointment only.

-32.983036 151.669409

Bec's Cake Creations

Shop 5 West Mall Shopping Centre Rutherford NSW, 2320. Visit Bec's Cake Creations (02) 4932 0377

With 90 years of cake making experience amongst this family owned business, Bec’s Cake Creations really know good cake. Their main focus is on wedding cakes; however some delightful tiered cupcake creations have slipped into their repertoire.

-32.71642 151.526796

Queen of Tarts

34J Vincent Street Cessnock, NSW, 2325. Visit Queen of Tarts (02) 49 916 517

The Queen of Tarts patisserie is closer to the Hunter Valley than the Newcastle CBD, but don’t be deterred by a little drive. If the Hunter Valley is good enough for Oprah, it’s good enough for us, right? Aside from that, the Queen of Tarts is a fantastic name. Who can resist a Lewis Carroll pun? No one, that’s who. Especially when it is referring to delicious baked goods. As implied by the regal namesake, The Queen of Tarts specialises in elegant and innovative designs for any cupcake required celebrations.

-32.833941 151.356628

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