Newcastle Fashion Week Designer Spotlight: eyeAM

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Newcastle Fashion Week is almost upon us and everyone involved is surely feeling the excitement and the pressure of being involved in such a wonderful event! Amidst the buzz is local Aaron Marshall, designer of eyeAM. This week Aaron took a break from his busy schedule to talk to us here at Urban Insider about eyeAM and his wonderful world of fashion!

“eyeAM is proudly bringing to the world…or just the local area, a collection of AWKWARDLY CONFIDENT, versatile streetwear predominantly for males of generation Y.”

1. What does being involved with NFW mean to you?

It is a great privilege and honour to be involved and afforded the opportunity to showcase my creations. I can’t say thank you enough for the time and effort that is put in by everyone involved to make NFW happen. I just hope that what I bring to the week has some sort of positive effect and is actually beneficial to the cause.

2. What influenced your latest collection?

The ocean and waves for their unpredictability and individuality. The desert and sun for their raw and earthy characteristics, alleyways lit up by the moon, and streetlights for their darkness and strangeness.

3. Do you have an all time favourite design? What does it look like, and what makes it your favourite piece?

I am proud of everything I have created.

4. What is the most rewarding aspect of a career in fashion?

Having the skills, knowledge and freedom to express yourself through your own clothing creations.

5. What words of wisdom would you give aspiring designers?

Don’t know if it is wisdom but definitely… Have fun, be yourself and don’t force it.

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Natalie is a PhD student studying at the University of Newcastle. She is researching the influences that shape the creative content of advertisements. Natalie aspires to be part of a creative team at a successful advertising agency one day soon. She loves photography, fashion and taking her dogs swimming at the beach.

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